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Decorate your business with color changing LED bulbs

terça-feira, 12 de julho de 2016

Hi, this message is from Sansi lighting. We are recommending some lighting products that hopefully might be useful for you?

For example, the color WiFi bulbs that could be controlled via cellphone and form amazing shapes, very bright LED bulbs at only 2.8W, and mordern fasion road lights supporting DLC rebates. 

Sansi is professional in LED industry for over 23 years. Its LED lights have been used indoor and outdoor.  It helps to save people's investment and energy through advanced technology and DOE financial supports.

For more informaiton to Sansi LED technologies, please feel free to contact our local distributor or sales representative.

Thank you

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Amase Customers with WiFi RGB-White LED Bulbs

With each bulb, easily program and set the mood you want using cell phone.

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